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Survey Completed: April 2006

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        This survey is statistical, and clearly not based on a personal reading of every journal. Moreover, I'm making no claim that I have discovered some infallible way to evaluate philosophy journals. Consequently, there may be journals that are not fairly placed. In the interest of providing the best information possible, I will be happy to supplement this page with additional comments regarding which journals are over- or under-rated by this survey.

        Moreover, tastes in journals will obviously vary between philosophers. Personally, I rarely find anything of interest in Mind (Level 3), while I routinely find interesting articles in the Journal of the History of Ideas (Level 9). Similarly, a specialist journal such as New Vico Studies is unlikely to be of much interest to anyone but Vico scholars. I mention this to underline the purpose of this page, which is not to rank journals, but to highlight journals that might otherwise be overlooked. Readers of this page should compare the list with their own evaluations, ignore it when they think it's wrong, but otherwise use it as a guide to new journals they might find worth reading (or submitting an article to). Certainly some journals are better than others, but ultimately the question is not which journal is the best, but which is best for your work, and that is something this list obviously cannot tell you.

        It is in this spirit that I am not providing many details on how the list is compiled. Clearly I think the approach I use has some worth. However, I believe that providing details on the methodology of the list will have more negative than positive effects. I make no claim that the criteria I use are themselves directly indicative of the quality of a journal. Rather, the goal in developing the methodology was merely to “track” quality. Consequently, it is certainly possible for a journal to do well with respect to these criteria without being a good journal. Moreover, the criteria are such that the methodology is open to manipulation.  Obviously, this web page doesn't have such standing that any already-recognised journal will feel the need to adjust its practices so as to appear higher in the survey. However, guiding people to journals of that prestige-level isn't really the purpose of this list. No-one needs to be told that Philosophy and Public Affairs is a top-quality journal. Rather, the goal of the list is to help people find quality journals with which they were previously unfamiliar. Such journals, however, are precisely those most likely to allow their procedures to be affected by the methodology adopted in a survey such as this. The survey has already gained fairly widespread attention, and a prominent place in the survey is an easy way for journals to secure attention they otherwise would not receive. This is particularly a concern given the interplay of academic and financial concerns in journal publication, as publication of the survey’s methodology could lead to pressure on journal editors from publishers that less interest in the quality of their journal than in sales.  Anyone familiar with the use of the Philosophical Gourmet report (even before its current prominence) by American university deans will understand this rationale.

        Ultimately, however, while I agree that this list would be most informative if the methodology were public, I don't feel any significant harm is caused by keeping it secret.  Philosophers can evaluate for themselves if the survey seems at all reliable, based on its placing of those journals with which they are already familiar. If they decide it is helpful, they can take it themselves from there. If the survey says Journal X is good, they can examine a copy for themselves, or at least get hold of selected articles.  If they don't agree it's good, they can simply not look at it again.  On the other hand, if they agree the Journal is good, the survey will have achieved its purpose.  It will have introduced someone to a new resource, one that they probably would not even have considered examining if they were simply told "here are all the journals in the world, some are good, go find one."

        There are three aspects of the journal’s methodology that I will highlight, as I don’t believe they are subject to the concerns expressed above. Firstly, the survey only takes into account recent issues of journals (approximately a 10 period). Thus, a journal’s prestigious history will have no effect at all upon its placing in the survey. Secondly, the list is based upon the rationale that a bigger journal is not necessarily a better one. That is, the list reflects the view that if, for example, one doubles or triples the number of articles in the Journal of Philosophy, indisputably a top-level journal, but only adds articles of mediocre or low quality, then the quality of the journal as a whole will decline - even though it still carries just as many important articles as ever. As a result, while a large journal can still appear at the top of the survey if its articles are consistently notable (e.g. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research), there may be other journals placed lower in the list that also consistently publish top-quality articles, but publish a large number of less notable articles as well.

        Finally, it should be remembered that this survey evaluates journals as philosophy journals. As a result, there are very good journals that appear in the lower levels of the survey (e.g., on my personal evaluation, Diogenes and Critical Inquiry), simply because most articles they publish are “philosophical” only in the broadest sense, and bear little relation to work in philosophy as an academic discipline. Nonetheless, they would not be listed here at all if they did not regularly carry articles of interest to professional philosophers.

        At the end of the list is a selection of “Other Journals to Consider”. Journals are placed in this section solely because I had inadequate information to evaluate them. It does not indicate that these journals are inferior in any way. I will gradually research these journals and add them to the proper place in the survey.

        The country listed after the journal's name is generally that of the country in which it is published - hence the large number of Netherlands journals. Where the editorial presence was clearly somewhere other than the place of publication I have used the nation in which the editors were located.

        The primary change from the 2004 edition of the survey is the increased number of levels in which journals have been placed. Even in the space of only two years there has been a significant increase in the information available about journals. Journal websites are more informative, increasing numbers of journals have full-text access online through academic libraries, and the Philosopher’s Index has been actively attempting to fill the “holes” in its database. This improvement in information has let me evaluate a larger number of journals, as well as evaluate them based on better information. The increased number of levels in the survey reflects this increase in available information. In a small number of cases increased information has also led to significant changes in the levels at which a journal is placed, as prior information was found to be misleading. In all other cases, however, changes in level are reflections of changes in the survey's evaluation of the journal, as new editions are considered and older ones left aside..

        I would reiterate, however, that this list is intended solely as a “first instance” guide. It should be used only as a first step in investigating journals, and should not be taken as providing any form of absolute judgment on the quality or value of the journals listed. Judgments of that kind can only be made by individual philosophers based on thorough familiarity with a journal, and never by composite lists such as this one.

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General Audience
American Philosophical Association Newsletters (USA)

Bulletin de la Société française de philosophie (France)

Free Inquiry (USA)
The Harvard Review of Philosophy (USA)
Philosophic Exchange: Annual Proceedings (USA)
Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association (USA)

Book Reviews
Philosophical Books (UK)
Philosophische Rundschau (Germany)
Philosophy in Review / Comptes Rendus Philosophiques (Canada)
Servicio de Información Bibliográfica para la Filosofía (Philosophical Bibliography Information Service) (Spain)

Level 1
The Aristotelian Society: Supplementary Volume (UK)
European Journal of Philosophy (UK)
The Journal of Philosophy (USA)
Metaphysica: International Journal for Ontology and Metaphysics (Germany)
Noûs-Supplement: Philosophical Issues (USA)

Philosophical Topics (USA)
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (USA)
Philosophy and Public Affairs (USA)
Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society (UK)
The Review of Metaphysics (USA)
Revue Internationale de Philosophie (Belgium)
Sensus Communis: An International Quarterly for Studies and Research on Alethic Logic (Italy)
Social Philosophy and Policy (USA)

Level 2
Bulletin of the Hegel Society of Great Britain (UK)
Deutsche Zeitschrift für Philosophie (Germany)
Ethics: An International Journal of Social, Political and Legal Philosophy (USA)
The Journal of Ethics: An International Philosophical Review (Netherlands)
Midwest Studies in Philosophy (USA)
Mind and Language (UK)
The Monist: An International Quarterly Journal of General Philosophic Inquiry (USA)
Noûs: Supplement: Philosophical Perspectives (USA)
The Owl of Minerva (USA)
The Philosophical Review (USA)
Proceedings of the Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy (USA)
Revue de Métaphysique et de Morale (France)

Level 3
Archives de Philosophie (France)
Australasian Journal of Philosophy (Australia)
British Journal for the History of Philosophy (UK)
Comprendre: Revista Catalana de Filosofia (Spain)
Diánoia (Mexico)
Epoché: A Journal for the History of Philosophy (USA)
Espíritu: Cuadernos del Instituto Filosófico de Balmesiana (Spain)
Ethical Perspectives: Journal of the European Ethics Network (Belgium)
Faith and Philosophy: Journal of the Society of Christian Philosophers (USA)
Fichte-Studien (Netherlands)
Grazer Philosophische Studien (Austria)
Inquiry: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy (Norway)
International Journal for Philosophy of Religion (Netherlands)
International Journal of Philosophical Studies (UK)
Iride: Filosofia e Discussione Pubblica (Italy)
The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism (USA)
Kantian Review (UK)
The Leibniz Review (USA)
Medieval Philosophy and Theology (USA)
Mind: A Quarterly Review of Philosophy (UK)
New Vico Studies (USA)
Noûs (USA)
Philosophia Mathematica (Canada)
Philosophical Explorations: An International Journal for the Philosophy of Mind and Action (Netherlands)
Philosophical Investigations (UK)
The Philosophical Quarterly (UK)
Philosophy: The Journal of the Royal Institute of Philosophy (UK)
Ratio: An International Journal of Analytic Philosophy (UK)
Religious Studies: An International Journal for the Philosophy of Religion (UK)
Rivista di Estetica (Italy)
Utilitas: A Journal of Utilitarian Studies (UK)
Zeitschrift für Philosophische Forschung (Germany)

Level 4
Acta Philosophica: Pontificio Ateneo della Santa Croce (Italy)
Anales del Seminario de Historia de la Filosofía (Spain)
Analysis (UK)
Apeiron: A Journal for Ancient Philosophy and Science (Canada)
Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie (Germany)
British Journal for the Philosophy of Science (UK)
The British Journal of Aesthetics (UK)
Conceptus: Zeitschrift für Philosophie (Austria)
Constellations: An International Journal of Critical and Democratic Theory (UK)
Daimon, Revista de Filosofía (Spain)
Dialectica: International Journal of Philosophy of Knowledge (Switzerland)
Estudios de Filosofía (Colombia)
Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal (USA)
Hume Studies (USA)
Isegoria: Revista de Filosofía Moral y Politíca (Spain)

Metaphilosophy (UK)
Méthexis: Revista Argentina de Filosofía Antigua (Argentina)
Philo: A Journal of Philosophy (USA)
Principia: Revista Internacional de Epistemologia (Brazil)
Research in Phenomenology (USA)
Revista de Hispanismo Filosófico (Spain)
Revista Española de Filosofía Medieval (Spain)
Revue Philosophique de Louvain (Belgium)
Studia Philosophica: Jahrbuch der Schweizerischen Philosophischen Gesellschaft (Switzerland)
Tópicos: Revista de Filosofía (Mexico)
Topoi: An International Review of Philosophy (Netherlands)

Level 5
Alpha Omega: Rivista di Filosofia e Teologia dell'Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum (Italy)
American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly (USA)
American Journal of Theology and Philosophy (USA)
American Philosophical Quarterly (USA)
Ancient Philosophy (USA)
Anuario Filosófico (Spain)
Cognitio: Revista de Filosofia (Brazil)
Concordia: Internationale Zeitschrift für Philosophie (Germany)
Continental Philosophy Review (Netherlands)
Cuadernos Sobre Vico (Spain)
Erkenntnis: An International Journal of Analytic Philosophy (Netherlands)
Estudios Nietzsche: Revista de la Sociedad Espanola de Estudios sobre Nietzsche (Spain)
Ethical Theory and Moral Practice (Netherlands)
Freiburger Zeitschrift für Philosophie und Theologie (Switzerland)
History of Philosophy Quarterly (USA)
Idealistic Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy (USA)
Journal of Applied Philosophy (UK)
Journal of Consciousness Studies (UK)
The Journal of Political Philosophy (UK)
Kierkegaard Studies: Yearbook (Denmark)
Laguna: Revista de Filosofía (Spain)
Legal Theory (USA)
The Modern Schoolman: A Quarterly Journal of Philosophy (USA)
Phainomena: Journal of the Phenomenological Society of Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Philosophers' Imprint (USA)
Philosophia Naturalis (Germany)
Philosophical Papers (South Africa)
Philosophical Studies: An International Journal for Philosophy in the Analytic Tradition (Netherlands)
Philosophiques (Canada)
Philosophy and Social Criticism (USA)
Philosophy of Science (USA)
Phronesis: A Journal for Ancient Philosophy (Netherlands)
Political Theory: An International Journal of Political Philosophy (USA)
Praxis Filosófica (Colombia)
Revista de Filosofía: Universidad de Chile (Chile)
Revista de Filosofía (Mexico)
Revue Philosophique de la France et de l'Étranger (France)
Sapientia (Argentina)
La Società degli Individui: Quadrimestrale di Teoria Sociale e Storia delle Idee (Italy)
Sophia: International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, Metaphysical Theology and Ethics (Australia)
Studia Leibnitiana: Zeitschrift für Geschichte der Philosophie und der Wissenschaften (Germany)
Studia Spinozana (Germany)
Studies in History and Philosophy of Science (UK)
Synthese: An International Journal for Epistemology, Methodology, and Philosophy of Science (Netherlands)
Telos: Revista Iberoamericana de Estudios Utilitaristas (Spain)
Teoria: Rivista di Filosofia (Italy)
Theoria: A Swedish Journal of Philosophy (Sweden)
Tijdschrift voor Filosofie (Belgium)
Vienna Circle Institute Yearbook (Netherlands)

Level 6

American Journal of Jurisprudence: An International Forum for Legal Philosophy (USA)
Aquinas: Rivista Internazionale de Filosofia (Vatican City)
Bioethics (UK)
Brentano Studien: Internationales Jahrbuch der Franz Brentano Forschung (Germany)
Cadernos de História e Filosofia da Ciéncia (Brazil)
Canadian Journal of Philosophy (Canada)
Christian Bioethics (USA)
Collingwood and British Idealism Studies (UK)
Crítica: Revista Hispanoamericana de Filosofía (Mexico)
Diálogo Filosófico (Spain)
Diotima: Revue de Recherche Philosophique
Diálogos: Revista del Departamento de Filosofía Universidad de Puerto Rico (USA)
Economics and Philosophy (UK)
International Philosophical Quarterly (USA)
The Journal of Religious Ethics (USA)
The Journal of Speculative Philosophy: A Quarterly Journal of History, Criticism, and Imagination (USA)
The Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology (UK)
Journal of the History of Philosophy (USA)
Kriterion: Zeitschrift für Philosophie (Austria)
Logos: Anales del Seminario de Metafísica (Spain)
Logos: Revista de Filosofía (Mexico)
Maritain Studies-Études Maritainiennes (Canada)
Pacific Philosophical Quarterly (USA)
Perspectives on Science: Historical, Philosophical, Social (USA)
Philosophia: Philosophical Quarterly of Israel (Israel)
Philosophia: Yearbook of the Research Center for Greek Philosophy at the Academy of Athens (Greece)
Philosophia Christi (USA)
Philosophia Reformata (Netherlands)
Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association (USA)
Process Studies (USA)
Radical Philosophy: A Journal of Socialist and Feminist Philosophy (UK)
Revista de Filosofía (Spain)
Revista Latinoamericana de Filosofía (Argentina)
Revue Thomiste: Revue Doctrinale de Théologie et de Philosophie (France)
Suplementos de Contrastes: Revista Interdisciplinar de Filosofía (Spain)
Teorema (Spain)
Zeitschrift für Kritische Theorie (Germany)

Level 7
Acta Analytica: International Periodical for Philosophy in the Analytical Tradition (Slovenia)
Acta Philosophica Fennica (Finland)
Agora: Papales de Filosofia (Spain)
American Journal of Bioethics (USA)
Analogía Filosófica: Revista de Filosofia (Mexico)
Analytica (Brazil)
Arabic Sciences and Philosophy: A Historical Journal (UK)
Biology and Philosophy (USA)
Bochumer Philosophisches Jahrbuch für Antike und Mittelalter (Germany)
Bridges: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Theology, Philosophy, History, and Science (USA)
The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic (USA)
Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence: An International Journal of Legal Thought (Canada)
Carrefour: Revue de Réflexion Interdisciplinaire (Canada)
Communication and Cognition: An Interdisciplinary Quarterly Journal (Belgium)
Contrastes: Revista Internacional de Filosofía (Spain)
Criminal Justice Ethics (USA)
Cuadernos de Filosofia (Argentina)
Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review (Canada)
Eidos: The Canadian Graduate Journal of Philosophy (Canada)
Endoxa: Series Filosóficas (Spain)
Estudios Filosóficos: Revista de Investigación y Crítica (Spain)
Existentia: An International Journal of Philosophy (Hungary)
Filosoficky Casopis (Czech Republic)
Filozofski Vestnik (Acta Philosophica) (Slovenia)
Florida Philosophical Review: The Journal of the Florida Philosophical Association (USA)
Giornale di Metafisica (Italy)
Hermathena: A Trinity College Dublin Review (Ireland)
The Heythrop Journal: A Quarterly Review of Philosophy and Theology (UK)
History of the Human Sciences (UK)
Hobbes Studies (Netherlands)
Ideas y Valores: Revista Colombiana de Filosofía (Colombia)
Informal Logic (Canada)
International Studies in Philosophy (USA)
Iyyun: The Jerusalem Philosophical Quarterly (Israel)
Jahrbuch für Hegelforschung (Germany)
The Journal of Aesthetic Education (USA)
The Journal of Neoplatonic Studies (USA)
The Journal of Nietzsche Studies (USA)
Journal of Philosophical Logic (Netherlands)
Journal of the Faculty of Letters, The University of Tokyo, Aesthetics (JTLA) (Japan)
Kant-Studien: Philosophische Zeitschrift der Kant-Gesellschaft (Germany)
Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal (USA)
Kierkegaardiana (Denmark)
Laval Théologique et Philosophique (Canada)
Law and Philosophy: An International Journal for Jurisprudence and Legal Philosophy (Netherlands)
Locke Studies: An Annual Journal of Locke Research (UK)
New Nietzsche Studies (USA)
Pensamiento: Revista de Investigación e Información Filosófica (Spain)
The Personalist Forum (USA)
Philosophia Scientiae (France)
The Philosophical Forum (USA)
Philosophical Psychology (UK)
Philosophy and Geography (USA)
Philosophy and Literature (USA)
Philosophy and Public Policy Quarterly (USA)
Polis: The Journal of the Society for Greek Political Thought (UK)
Protosociology: An International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research (Germany)
Public Affairs Quarterly (USA)
Ratio Juris: An International Journal of Jurisprudence and Philosophy of Law (USA)
Revista de Estudios Orteguianos (Spain)
Revista Internacional de Filosofía Política (Spain)
Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia (Portugal)
Revue de Théologie et de Philosophie (Switzerland)
Rivista di Filosofia (Italy)
Rivista di Filosofia Neo-Scolastica (Italy)
Russell: The Journal of the Bertrand Russell Archives (Canada)
Sartre Studies International: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Existentialism and Contemporary Culture (UK)
SATS: Nordic Journal of Philosophy (Denmark)
Social Epistemology: A Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Policy (UK)
South Pacific Journal of Philosophy and Culture (Papua New Guinea)
The Southern Journal of Philosophy (USA)
Studi Filosofici: Annali del Dipartimento di Filosofia e Politica, Istituto Universitario Orientale (Italy)
Studia Phaenomenologica: Romanian Journal for Phenomenology (Romania)
Thémata: Revista de Filosofía (Spain)
Theologie und Philosophie: Vierteljahresschrift (Germany)
Theoria: Revista de Teoria, Historia y Fundamentos de la Ciencia (Spain)
The Thomist: A Speculative Quarterly Review (USA)
Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society: A Quarterly Journal in American Philosophy (USA)
Utopía y Praxis Latinoamericana: Revista Internaciónal de Filosofía Iberoamericana y Teoría Social (Venezuela)
Vera Lex: Journal of the International Natural Law Society (USA)
Vivarium: An International Journal for the Philosophy and Intellectual Life of the Middle Ages and Renaissance (Netherlands)
Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science (USA)

Level 8
Algemeen Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Wijsbegeerte (Netherlands)
Análisis Filosófico (Argentina)
Argumentation: An International Journal on Reasoning (USA)
El Basilisco: Revista de Filosofia, Ciencias Humanas, Teoría de la Ciencia y de la Cultura (Spain)
Critical Review: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Politics and Society (USA)
Dialektik: Zeitschrift für Kulturphilosophie (Germany)
Dionysius (Canada)
Enfoques: Revista de la Universidad Adventista del Plata (Argentina)
Episteme NS: Revista del Instituto de Filosofía de la Universidad Central de Venezuela (Venezuela)
Epistemologia: Rivista Italiana di Filosofia della Scienza (Italy)
Escritos de Filosofía (Argentina)
Ethics and International Affairs (USA)
Film and Philosophy (USA)
Filosofia Unisinos: Revista do Programa do Pos-Graduacao em Filosofia da Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos (Brazil)
Giornale Critico della Filosofia Italiana (Italy)
Hastings Center Report (USA)
History and Philosophy of Logic (UK)
History of Political Thought (UK)
Husserl Studies (USA)
International Studies in the Philosophy of Science (UK)
Journal of Philosophical Research (USA)
Journal of Social Philosophy (USA)
The Journal of Value Inquiry (USA)
Kriterion: Revista de Filosofia (Brazil)
Logique et Analyse (Belgium)
Ludus Vitalis : Revista de Filosofía de las Ciencias de la Vida (Mexico)
Magyar Filozófiai Szemle (The Hungarian Philosophical Review) (Hungary)
Manuscrito: Revista Internacional de Filosofia (Brazil)
Nietzsche-Studien: Internationales Jahrbuch für die Nietsche-Forschung (Germany)
Overheard in Seville: Bulletin of the Santayana Society (USA)
Paideía (Spain)
Perspektiven der Philosophie: Neues Jahrbuch (Netherlands)
Philosophica (Belgium)
Philosophy of the Social Sciences (USA)
Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology (USA)
Philosophy Today (USA)
Quaderns de Filosofia i Ciència (Spain)
Revista de Filosofía (Venezuela)
Sapienza: Rivista di Filosofia e di Teologia (Italy)
Sorites: An International Electronic Quarterly of Analytic Philosophy (Spain)
Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics (Netherlands)
Symposium: Journal of the Canadian Society for Hermeneutics and Postmodern Thought (Canada)
Synthesis Philosophica (International edition of Filozofska Istrazivanja) (Croatia)
Trans/Form/Ação: Revista de Filosofia (Brazil)
Wittgenstein Studien (Germany)

Level 9
Accademia: Revue de la Société Marsile Ficin (Italy)
The Acorn: The Journal of the Gandhi-King Society (USA)
Anales de la Cátedra Francisco Suárez (Spain)
Antonianum: Periodicum Trimestre (Italy)

Apuntes Filosóficos (Venezuela)
Archivio di Storia della Cultura (Italy)
Asian Philosophy (UK)
Augustinian Studies (USA)
Australian Journal of Professional and Applied Ethics (Australia)
Behavior and Philosophy (USA)
Bijdragen, Tijdschrift voor Filosofie en Theologie (International Journal in Philosophy and Theology) (Netherlands)
Bollettino del Centro di Studi Vichiani (Italy)
Bollettino di Storia della Filosofia (Italy)
Bulletin of the Section of Logic (Poland)
Business & Professional Ethics Journal (USA)
Business Ethics Quarterly (USA)
Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics (UK)
Il Cannocchiale: Rivista di Studi Filosofici (Italy)
Clio: A Journal of Literature, History, and the Philosophy of History (USA)
Communication and Cognition - Artificial Intelligence (CC-AI): The Journal for the Integrated Study of Artificial Intelligence,
                Cognitive Science and Applied Epistemology (Belgium)
Contemporary Chinese Thought: Translations and Studies (USA)
Contemporary Political Theory (UK)
Convivium: Revista de Filosofia (Spain)
Critical Inquiry (USA)
Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy (USA)
De Philosophia (Canada)
Developing World Bioethics (UK)
Dianoia: Annali di Storia della Filosofia (Italy)
Educação e Filosofia (Brazil)
Environmental Ethics: An Interdisciplinary Journal Dedicated to the Philosophical Aspects of Environmental Problems (USA)
Environmental Values (USA)
Episteme: Filosofia e História das Ciências em Revista (Brazil)
Ethics and Behavior (USA)
Filozofia (Slovakia)
Filozofska Istrazivanja (Croatia)
Foundations of Chemistry: Philosophical, Historical and Interdisciplinary Studies in Chemistry (USA)
Foundations of Science (USA)
Franciscan Studies (USA)
Franciscanum: Revista de las Ciencias del Espiritu (Colombia)
History and Theory: Studies in the Philosophy of History (USA)
History of European Ideas (USA)
Human Affairs: A Postdisciplinary Journal for Humanities and Social Sciences (Slovakia)
Human Studies: A Journal for Philosophy and the Social Sciences (USA)
Hyle: An International Journal for the Philosophy of Chemistry (USA)
Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy (USA)
Inquiry: Critical Thinking Across the Disciplines (USA)
International Journal of Applied Philosophy (USA)
Interpretation: A Journal of Political Philosophy (USA)
Jahrbuch für Recht und Ethik (Annual Review of Law and Ethics) (Germany)
Journal for General Philosophy of Science (Zeitschrift für allgemeine Wissenschaftstheorie) (Germany)
Journal for the Theory of Social Behavior (USA)
Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics (USA)
Journal of Bioethical Inquiry (New Zealand)
The Journal of Clinical Ethics (USA)
The Journal of Medical Humanities (USA)
The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy (USA)
The Journal of Mind and Behavior (USA)
Journal of Moral Education (UK)
Journal of Philosophy of Education: The Journal of the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain (UK)
Journal of the History of Ideas (USA)
Journal of the Philosophy of Sport (USA)
Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics (USA)
Kinesis: Graduate Journal in Philosophy (USA)
Krisis: Tijdschrift voor empirische Filosofie (Netherlands)
Kwartalnik Filozoficzny (Poland)
Linguistics and Philosophy (USA)
Literature and Aesthetics: The Journal of the Sydney Society of Literature and Aesthetics (Australia)
Logic and Logical Philosophy (Poland)
Logica Trianguli: Logic in Lódz, Nantes, Santiago de Compostela (France)
Lumen: Selected Proceedings from the Canadian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (Canada)
Method: Journal of Lonergan Studies (USA)
Minds and Machines: Journal for Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy, and Cognitive Science (USA)
Modern Theology (USA)
Nombres: Revista de Filosofía (Argentina)
Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic (USA)
Patristica et Mediaevalia (Argentina)
Phainomenon: Revista de Fenomenologia do Centro de Filosofia da Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal)
Philosophica: Revista do Departamento de Filosofia da Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal)
Philosophical Inquiry: International Quarterly (Greece)
Philosophical Writings (UK)
Philosophy and Rhetoric (USA)
Philosophy and Theology: Marquette University Quarterly (USA)
Philosophy East and West (USA)
Philosophy in the Contemporary World (USA)
Philosophy of Music Education Review (USA)
Pragmatics and Cognition (Israel)
Prima Philosophia (Germany)
Princípios: Revista de Filosofia (Brazil)
Proceedings of the Heraclitean Society: A Report on Philosophy and Criticism of the Arts and Sciences (USA)
Professional Ethics: A Multidisciplinary Journal (USA)
Radical Philosophy Review: Journal of the Radical Philosophy Association (USA)
Reason Papers: A Journal of Interdisciplinary Normative Studies (USA)
Reports on Philosophy (Poland)
Res Publica: A Journal of Legal and Social Philosophy (UK)
Review of Existential Psychology and Psychiatry (USA)
Revista Agustiniana (Spain)
Revista Colombiana de Filosofía de la Ciencia (Colombia)
Revista de Filosofía: Publicación de la Asociación de Estudios Filosóficos (Argentina)
Revista de Filosofie (Romania)
Revista Filosófica de Coimbra (Portugal)
Revue Roumaine de Philosophie (Romania)
Schopenhauer-Jahrbuch (Germany)
Signos Filosóficos (Mexico)
Skepsis: A Journal for Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Research (Germany)
Social Theory and Practice: An International and Interdisciplinary Journal of Social Philosophy (USA)
South African Journal of Philosophy (South Africa)
Stromata (Argentina)
Studia Philosophiae Christianae (Poland)
Studies in East European Thought (Netherlands)
Studies in Philosophy and Education (Netherlands)
Teaching Philosophy (USA)
Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics: Philosophy of Medical Research and Practice (USA)
Thinking: The Journal of Philosophy for Children (USA)
Traditio: Studies in Ancient and Medieval History, Thought and Religion (USA)
Tradition and Discovery: The Polanyi Society Periodical (USA)
Ultimate Reality and Meaning: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Philosophy of Understanding (USA)
Universitas Philosophica (Colombia)
Veritas: Revista de Filosofia (Brazil)
Widerspruch: Münchner Zeitschrift für Philosophie (Germany)
Zeitschrift für Ästhetik und Allgemeine Kunstwissenschaft (Germany)

Level 10
Diogenes (UK)
Educational Philosophy and Theory (Australia)
Ethics and Information Technology (Netherlands)
Feminist Studies (USA)
Gregorianum (Italy)
Indian Philosophical Quarterly (India)
Journal of Business Ethics (Canada)
Journal of Chinese Philosophy (USA)
Journal of Dharma (India)
Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research (India)
Journal of Logic, Language and Information (France)
Philosophy of Education: Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Philosophy of Education Society (USA)
Il Protagora: Rivista di Filosofia e Cultura (Italy)
Rivista Internazionale di Filosofia del Diritto (Italy)
Russian Studies in Philosophy: A Journal of Translations (USA)
Science and Engineering Ethics (UK)
Southwest Philosophy Review: The Journal of The Southwestern Philosophical Society (USA)
Studia Logica: An International Journal for Symbolic Logic (Poland)
Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences (UK)
Telos: A Quarterly Journal of Critical Thought (USA)
Theory and Decision: An International Journal for Multidisciplinary Advances in Decision Science (Netherlands)
Theory, Culture and Society (UK)

Level 11
Agriculture and Human Values (USA)
Annals of Pure and Applied Logic (Netherlands)
Das Argument: Zeitschrift für Philosophie (Germany)
Contemporary Philosophy (USA)
Cuadernos de Filosofía Latinoamericana (Colombia)
Dialogue and Universalism (Poland)
Educational Theory (USA)
HEC Forum (HealthCare Ethics Committee Forum: An Interprofessional Journal on Healthcare Institutions' Ethical and Legal Issues)
Horizons Philosophiques (Canada)
Journal of Indian Philosophy (Netherlands)
The Journal of Symbolic Logic (USA)
Journal of Thought (USA)
Nursing Philosophy: An International Journal for Healthcare Professionals (UK)
Philosophy and Social Action (India)
Revista de Filosofía de la Universidad de Costa Rica (Costa Rica)

Level 12
Annali della Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia (Italy)
Augustinus: Revista Trimestral Publicada por los Padres Agustinos Recoletos (Spain)
Auslegung: A Journal of Philosophy (USA)
Bigaku: The Japanese Journal of Aesthetics (Japan)
Business Ethics: A European Review (UK)
Danish Yearbook of Philosophy (Denmark)
Ethics and Medicine: An International Journal of Bioethics (USA)
Facta Universitatis (Serbia and Montenegro)
Fronesis: Revista de Filosofía Jurídica, Social y Política (Venezuela)
Journal of Information Ethics (USA)
Journal of Phenomenological Psychology (USA)
Journal of Semantics (UK)
Journal of the History of Biology (USA)
Mediaeval Studies (Canada)
Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy: A European Journal (Netherlands)
Nature, Society and Thought (NST) (USA)
Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics and Public Philosophy (USA)
Philosophical Studies in Education (USA)
Philosophy in Science (USA)
Prilozi za Istrazivanje Hrvatske Filozofske Baštine (Croatia)
Prospero: A Journal of New Thinking in Philosophy for Education (UK)
Quest: An African Journal of Philosophy/Revue Africaine de Philosophie (Zambia)
Reports on Mathematical Logic (Poland)
Review Journal of Philosophy and Social Science (India)

Other Journals to Consider
Acta Philosophica Gothoburgensia
Aesthetics (Japan)
Agora Philosophica: Revista Marplatense de Filosofía (Argentina)
Aitia: Philosophy-Humanities Magazine (USA)
Aletheia: An International Yearbook of Philosophy (Liechtenstein)
Aligarh Journal of Islamic Philosophy (India)
Angelicum (Italy)
Appraisal: The Journal of the Society for Post-Critical and Personalist Studies (UK)
Areté: Revista de Filosofia (Peru)
Arts and Humanities in Higher Education: An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice (USA)
Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy (Australia)
The Australasian Journal of Logic (Australia)
The Bertrand Russell Society Quarterly (USA)
Brain and Mind: A Transdisciplinary Journal of Neuroscience and Neurophilosophy (Netherlands)
British Journal for the History of Science (UK)

Bruniana & Campanelliana: Ricerche filosofiche e materiali storico-testuali (Italy)
Bulletin de la Société Américaine de Philosophie de Langue Francaise (USA)
Business and Society Review: Journal of the Center for Business Ethics at Bentley College (USA)
Cadernos Nietzsche (Brazil)
Carmina Philosophiae: Journal of the International Boethius Society (USA)
Contemporary Pragmatism (USA)
Croatian Journal of Philosophy (Croatia)
Diametros: An Online Journal of Philosophy (Poland)
Discurso: Revista do Departamento de Filosofia (Brazil)
Discusiones Filosóficas (Colombia)

Divyadaan: Journal of Philosophy and Education (India)
Education and Culture: The Journal of the John Dewey Society for the Study of Education and Culture (USA)
Educational Studies: A Journal of the American Educational Studies Association (USA)
Episteme: A Journal of Social Epistemology (UK)
Essays in Philosophy (USA)
Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism (USA)
Essence: Interdisciplinary - International Journal of Philosophy (Nigeria)
Estetika (Czech Republic)
Ethics, Place and Environment (UK)
Facta Philosophica: Internationale Zeitschrift für Gegenwartsphilosophie/International Journal for Contemporary Philosophy
Felsefe Tartismalari (Philosophical Discussions): A Turkish Journal of Philosophy (Turkey)
Gnosis: A Journal of Philosophic Interest (Canada)
Gogoa: Euskal Herriko Unibertsitateko Hizkuntza, Ezagutza, Komunikazio eta Ekintzari buruzko Aldizkaria (Journal of the University
                 of the Basque Country on Language, Knowledge, Communication, and Action) (Spain)
Hegel-Jahrbuch (Germany)
History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences (UK)
Humanitas (Journal of the National Humanities Institute) (USA)
Hypnos: Revista do Centro de Estudos da Antiguidade Greco-Romana (Brazil)
The Independent Journal of Philosophy (USA)
The International Journal for Field-Being (USA)
International Journal of Politics and Ethics (USA)
IRB: Ethics and Human Research (USA)
Itinerari Filosofici: Rivista di Filosofia (Italy)
Jahrbuch für Wissenschaft und Ethik (Germany)
Journal of Ayn Rand Studies (USA)
Journal of Critical Realism (UK)

Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy: Online Peer-Reviewed Journal of Moral, Political, and Legal Philosophy
The Journal of Libertarian Studies (USA)
Journal of Medical Ethics: The Journal of the Institute of Medical Ethics (UK)
Journal of Military Ethics (USA)
Journal of Moral Philosophy: An International Journal of Moral, Political and Legal Philosophy
Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology (USA)
KAYGI: Uludag Üniversitesi Felsefe Dergisi (Turkey)
Kutadgubilig: Felsefe – Bilim Arastirmalari Dergisi (Philosophy – Science Research Journal) (Turkey)
La Lámpara de Diógenes: Revista de Filosofía (Mexico)
Maltepe Üniversitesi: Fen -- Edebiyat Fakültesi Dergisi (Journal of Science and Letters Faculty at Maltepe University) (Turkey)
Mathesis: filosofía e historia de las matemáticas (Mexico)
Medical Humanities Review (USA)
Medicina y Ética: Revista Internacional de Bioética, Deontología y Ética Médica (Mexico)
Metascience: An International Review Journal for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science (Australia)
Metodicki ogledi: Journal for Philosophy of Education (Croatia)
Mind and Society: A Journal of Cognitive Studies in Economics and Social Sciences (Italy)
Miscelánea poliana (Spain)
Monash Bioethics Review (Australia)
The New Yearbook for Phenomenology and Phenomenological Philosophy (USA)
Newsletters for the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy (USA)
Nouvelles de la République des Lettres (Italy)
Nursing Ethics: An International Journal for Health Care Professionals (UK)
Organon F: Filozofický Casopis (Slovakia)
Phenomenological Inquiry: A Review of Philosophical Ideas and Trends (USA)
Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences (USA)
Philosophia: International Journal of Philosophy (Philippines)
Philosophia Africana: Analysis of Philosophy and Issues in Africa and the Black Diaspora (USA)
Philosophia Perennis: The Journal of the Society for Aristotelian Studies (Canada)
Philosophical Practice: Journal of the American Philosophical Practitioners Association (USA)
Philosophical Review (Taiwan)
Philósophos: Revista de Filosofia (Brazil)
Philosophy, Culture, and Traditions: A Journal of the World Union of Catholic Philosophical Societies (Canada)
Prajña Vihara: Journal of Philosophy and Religion (Thailand)

Problemos: Mokslo darbai
(Problems: Research Papers) (Lithuania)
Prolegomena: Casopis za filozofiju (Croatia)
Recerca: Revista de pensamient i anàlisi (Spain)
Reflexe: Filosofický Casopis (Czech Republic)
Reflexion: Una Revista de Filosofía (Spain)
Res Publica: Revista de filosofía política (Spain)
Review Journal of Political Philosophy (USA)
Revista Patagónica de Filosofía (Argentina)
Rhizai: A Journal for Ancient Philosophy and Science (Bulgaria)

Rivista di Storia della Filosofia (Italy)

The Saint Anselm Journal (USA)
Salzburger Jahrbuch für Philosophie (Austria)
Scientiae Studia: Revista Latino-Americana de Filosofia e História da Ciência (Brazil)
Social Philosophy Today (USA)
Southwest Philosophical Studies (USA)
Studia Poliana: Revista sobre el pensamiento de Leonardo Polo (Spain)
Studies in Practical Philosophy: A Journal of Ethical and Political Philosophy (USA)
Sztuka i Filozofia (Art and Philosophy) (Poland)
Teaching Ethics: The Journal of the Society for Ethics across the Curriculum (USA)
Theoria: Casopis Filozofskog Drustva Srbije (Serbia and Montenegro)
Theory and Research in Education (USA)
Topicos: Revista de Filosofia de Santa Fe (Argentina)
Yearbook of the Irish Philosophical Society: Voices of Irish Philosophy (Irisleabhar Chumann Fealsúnachta Na hÉireann: Glórtha
                Fealsúnachta Éireann) (Ireland)
Yearbook of the South Atlantic Philosophy of Education Society (USA)
Yeditepe'de Felsefe (Philosophy at Yeditepe) (Turkey)
Zeitschrift fur Philosophische Praxis (Germany)